Inertia strikes!
So this is something totally unexpected. I got my audio files back. I have a bunch of essays in my head. I have a fiction book that now exceeds 20,000 words and is still at the beginning. And I hit a wall. It turns out that reviewing your own audio book is kind of terrifying. And thus despite the fact that I regularly podcast and listen to myself a LOT. The reason is because I know that I'm going to change things. And because my reading of late makes me want to add things. And because I'm terrified of sounding just like a cunt, actually. So now I'm just procrastinating. Realistically I think that any significant changes from here onwards are going to have to be compiled and kept for the third edition, or the planned companion text. This is similarly why I didn't release a Thing in May. But there will be a Thing coming to you before the end of this month. I'm just now quite sure what. Maybe I'll surprise you. If you're not a patron and you want the next Thing, subscribe before 25 June. 😊
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