Infamous Sphere reads "Mounted By the Mountie"
A friendly missive for all!

Hello lovely viewers, and possibly people new to the show. You may or may not know that I'm a fan of what I like to call "bullshit gay movies" - ie movies where the plot can be very neatly summarised as "gay [insert profession here.]" I also like movies with historical settings.

After watching an excessively mediocre movie called THE MOUNTIE, made by the aptly made Travesty Productions (the trailer was hilarious, and the film failed to live up to that potential),  I decided that I would see if there were a bullshit gay movie about mounties. Sadly, there isn't one. However, I did find a piece of kindleporn called MOUNTED BY THE MOUNTIE! 

I briefly thought about purchasing the book so I could do an episode of my secret podcast on LGBT and historical novels, Infamous Sphere Consults the Bookshelf, about it. However, after reading the preview I decided it was far too awful to consider spending $3 on.

So I am instead reading the free preview for you all, for a special Christmas (?)treat(?)

Get ready for:

- clunky writing about Canada!

- A really lacklustre description of a mountie that evokes nothing less than a random man at the petrol station!

- Horrible Canadian accents! 

- Mpreg! Oh fuck, I forgot to mention, this book is mpreg!

This book is brought to you by the BANFF SPRINGS HOTEL. 

Oh, and if you're wondering, there may not be a bad bullshit gay movie about mounties (and if somebody makes one, be sure to let me know because I'd love to watch it no matter how terrible it is) - but there IS a 90s TV show created by PAUL HAGGIS called Due South, about a mountie working with a Chicago cop - which is gloriously homoerotic and features an appropriate amount of horrible 90s clothing. So maybe just watch that instead.

Or listen to my lovely, lovely reading and be glad that neither you nor I paid this author to continue their criminal acts against taste. 

For those wondering, I'm currently editing an episode of Infamous Queer. I was very busy over the past few weeks doing a production of The Merry Widow, but now I'm back to my old schedule. Hooray! So a new episode will be out before I go on holdays on the 12.  But until then, Mounted by the Mountie. Enjoy.  

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