Hello guys, it's been a while and I am so glad to be here again! :)

 I know that I promised to post as often as I could, but I was going through an illness  for the past three months and it was difficult for me to post anything. Sorry for missing so long! Finally, I am feeling better and decided to share with you my latest artworks. 

As you can see above, "Infecund" is my first artwork illustrated for a death/black metal one-man band from Greece, called "Absonus" and I am so excited for taking part in his project. I will upload also the second artwork I made for Absonus and I am sure that there will be more in the near future, because I really loved the process of the music visualization.

Hope you will enjoy and if you are a fun of death/black metal music you can find the track "Infecund" by Absonus here:

p.s. my fisrt paid post for my future awesome patrons is coming soon ;)