Infernal Racket Release Date?! + Channel Schedule!
Hello all,

We've been scrambling to get Infernal Racket ready to release on Steam!  

In a perfect world, we'd have everything ready to go by Friday, October 13th. That's only 3 days from now! We still have to send out press keys, compile the final gold build, and playtest the hell out of the game before then.  If we miss the window for this Friday, then we should have more than enough leeway to release some time next week.

However, we did make time this weekend for a Wild Game (one that we have both been looking forward to for a long time): Battle Chasers: Nightwar. 

We've also got a slightly updated trailer for the game, and that's also going up on the Steam page and our channel.  The Battle Chasers video is likely going up tomorrow.

Once we're sure we can release on Friday, we'll update the Steam page release date. We actually intend to release it as late as possible on Friday (it'll likely be past 12 AM EST), but we'll update you here if that changes. We'll also have some miscellaneous Infernal Racket videos up on the channel in the next few weeks, such as tips and tricks, behind-the-scenes for music/sound, and anything else we think would be fun.

As always, thank you for supporting Game Soup! We hope you're looking forward to trying Infernal Racket yourself!


Joe and Ed