Infinite Pool - Liquid Freedom

UnLock The Creator Within Infinite Pool - Liquid Freedom


This is just the bare bones version.

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UPDATE: v2 has been published in June 2020.  Version 2 has a few images + water and other special FX added to the audio. 

What Inspired The Unlock Within Guided Imagery Series post can be found here.

Here is v1...

I have prepared this free version to get feedback from you, as to your thoughts and feelings on this mini course and what you would like to see improved.

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The Goal:

To create a multisensory experience of spoken word, in unique scenarios, with sound effects to spark the imagination and ignite you to realize that,

YOU are the key to unlock the creator within.

Spoken word, no chanting, no subliminals. No sitting cross-legged or any new age, spiritual or other religious beliefs required.

However, 100% faith in yourself is required.

Success with this mini course depends upon:

1. Your efforts: finding a quiet place to listen to the recordings, and go through the workbook.

2. Your imagination. One can always improve upon their imagination. I will be working on a free version of Imagination Boost.

3. That you know that you are a powerful creator. And that you have 100% belief in yourself.

4. Take daily steps, even small ones, towards what you want to accomplish.

5. Journal your progress. Strengthen your efforts.

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I thank you for joining me on this creative journey that we are all part of.

To your health, joy and success in life!


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Find a quiet place, preferably, somewhere where you can lie down in darkness, with the door closed.

You might find it beneficial to have these things nearby to write or record notes:

• A lamp
• Pen, pencil and paper
• A voice recording device

Or play this recording until the end, and then take notes while listening once more.

It’s Time To Unlock The Creator Within Infinite Pool - Liquid Freedom

[photo of what appears to be an infinite pool] Swimming Pool © Alphaspirit | Dreamstime.com

You are now somewhere warm and sunny. Tropical scents fill the air. The heat is slowly rising, as you take in your surroundings.

You happen upon a clear, blue, infinite pool. Infinite to your unlimited mind.

You take off your shoes and socks. And touch the hot metal ladder. Dip your toes in. The temperature is perfect. You smile.

Now leave behind thoughts and things that you don’t need right now. And dive right in.

It feels so good. You are free from the weight of your world. Free to go where you want to go.


Where do you want to go?

What or who do you want to be?

You somersault through bubbles, with all the energy and abilities of an underwater acrobat.

You come up for air and realize that you have just broken through the surface of stagnant.

 [Lake Moraine Jasper Alberta © Mark Hryciw | Dreamstime.com]

Your pool is now a glacier fed lake; so clear, so pristine; A moving mirror, reflecting the trees and the mountains that are all around you.

You are in bliss! And your sun-kissed skin and soul are fully nourished by the living water. It is so refreshing! Drink it all in.

You decide to go deeper into your journey. There will be more risk ahead. But with risk comes great reward. So take a deep breath now, and


[photo: Caribbean Reef Tropical Fish Underwater] Caribbean Reef Tropical Fish Underwater © Lunamarina | Dreamstime.com

You enter an endless, deep, true, beauty of blue. Your lake is now an ocean teeming with colourful life. You are a tiny fish who can really go where others cannot or will not dare to go.

Where will you go?

You swim through a school of friendly folk, through waving vegetation and ragged rock,... As you swim by them, you become them. You are the smooth-waving seaweed. You are nutrition. You are strength.

You are the pearl of all the world’s peril and joy combined.

The Yin and Yang.

But you are more. You are pure energy at the core.

You will remember.

You swim off like a fish to a place where you are all alone with your thoughts.

Ideas come to you in all shapes, colours, and sizes. You experience them with all senses and positive emotions.

New ideas… and earlier, workable ideas as well.

They animate and come in waves. You can reach out to capture them; move them around.

Get inside them. Become them.

These ideas that you want to keep and expand upon, will be easy for you to access. As easy as popping a bubble. Or mentally opening a treasure chest. 

[Open Treasure Chest With Bright Gold Underwater © Fernando Gregory | Dreamstime.com]

It’s time to go.

Rise to the surface. To your medium of choice… Pen and paper, digital notes, talk to text.

Take time to reflect. And then time to refine.

You won’t forget.

Thank you for listening.

This guided imagery was brought to you by MultiMediaSusan.com

Licensed Images are credited to each artist.

Original version was published online in 2014, under one of my pseudonyms, Hannah Ellie.

© Copyright 2020, Susan Leitch, MultiMediaSusan.com. All rights reserved.

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