Infinity - Paradiso Countdown
First: Modiphius has released the Infinity Quickstart, which includes a streamlined version of the core mechanics, a general overview of the world, and six pregenerated characters so that you canpick it up and try the game out for yourself. TheQuickstart is 100% free, so you really don’t have any excuse not to click the link and check it out.

Second: The Quickstart also includes an abridged version of the Paradiso Countdown, an introductory scenario that I wrote. The abridged version is nice, but the full version is even better. It’s going to be part of the Shadow Affairs campaign coming next year. But Modiphius is also offering access to the beta test version of the full adventure as an exclusive for backers of the Infinity kickstarter right now. So if you kick in just $1, you’ll be able to download the full adventure (which should provide 2-3 sessions of gaming). Check it out.

Third: There are now just 3 days left for the Infinity kickstarter! With the stretch goals we’ve been unlocking, the backers are getting some really fabulous deals. The PDF Master Level is currently delivering 13 books for £40 (approximately $60). The All the Books level at £300 is pricey, but you’ll get 22 books in both print and PDF plus a bunch of additional bonus material that’s already been unlocked.