I've been thinking about where a lot of influences for my writing come from. Of course there's some American, but I also draw a lot from others as well. Anime, martial arts films, Korean pop, miscellaneous cultural mythologies like Greek, and various religions. I think having a varied interest in all these helps craft more believable and immersive worlds, however, representing them can be difficult. Maybe that's why I tend to lean towards fantasy as it seems easier to in corporate all the influences into one place. Or it speaks on how much I still have to learn about world building. That's not to say that all I'll write is fantasy. Over the last few years I've been branching out more and trying to add elements from science fiction. I am fascinated by The Uncanny Valley, and the growth and impact technology has. Transhumanism has really started to take center stage, and brings with it a whole new set of philosophies. Still, at the heart of everything there seems to always be this underlining question, "what is human?" or, "what makes us human?" I find this question often pops up in my own works in various forms and my chacaters attempt to answer it through emotions, struggles- both inner and external conflicts, or ideology. Ah! I got a bit rambly. I digress. I am influenced by a lot of things, as all great artists are. I hope that by bringing in all these different elements I won't stagnante, and I can be counted among the greats. Or at the very least my growth will be unlimited and something that many will want to watch.