Info on the niche grand strategy game Sengoku
Found out some geeky, gamer info surrounding Sengoku.

What is Sengoku

Made in 2011 by Paradox, the same company that makes the huge Crusader Kings 2 franchise, Sengoku was sort of(not entirely researched) built on a pre-engine that was eventually used to make CK:2.

How's it compare to CK:2

I've read many forums to cultivate this idea: It generally is taken as a Grand Strategy-lite game that doesn't have the robust features and long-lasting gameplay that CK:2 has, but definitely shares notes of focusing on individuals and their politics somewhat more than war-features.

Just like CK:2, Sengoku has its many historical errors, but as a videogame, it's one of the only games of its kind and thus also has more historical accuracy for it.

There's a niche Paradox fan-base that absolutely loves the game, but says it's likely been permanently abandoned, but it's still quite playable and enjoyable.

Sengoku-Jidai Period

The Warring States. This is Feudal Japan - a harsh time, but subsequently a very interesting time historically. Many Warlords have split Japan into over 350 different territories and are all, basically, battling it out for control of Japan.


There's really only one mod I could find so far - I'm having a bit of trouble accessing the Paradox mod sub-forum for Sengoku, even though I registered my copy, but the one mod I did find is praised for being pretty amazing, but unfinished.

The modder jumped ship to work on a giant mod that basically puts Sengoku into Crusader Kings 2, but people are enjoying the modders Sengoku mod and find it still adds a lot to the game.