[Info-post] Refund for September
So, after some works with Patreon I finally provided refund for all patrons started from 5 dollars. If you got back your money, let me know please, cause I'm not sure that this service works right :D

After that I want to tell you that I gonna change pledges next week. The reason is logical - I spent on pledges more then people donate me. So after all prints I made in July or August I lost some money lololololol :DD 

I hope you will like new pledges - cause I want to turn my Patreon as main blog. It has the best interface, and I really like team we've got here - you support me even when I'm in depression and look like 14 years old girl, so thank you for that :D 

So please, let me know, if you've got back your charge and here we go ~ 

PS Миша, пожалуйста, напиши мне, ты удалился, а я не могу найти твой адрес, и мы с Верджилом немного волнуемся за тебя ~____~