[Info] Targaryen Shooting Announce
So! Back to work, dudes!
I'm coming back to shooting. And we decided to make summer set for me and Vergil as Deny and Viserys. We plan to get three locations and use horses. I'm happy to work with people who support any creative ideas!
There is few updates about this project:

1) I won't make charge for this shooting. You will get all rewards for earlier support;
2) There will be HD, Polaroids, Prints and Exclusive Shots. We are thinking now about additional exclusive shooting. That doesn't mean lewd, but I want to show some mad of Viserys and his violence expression to Deny, so I want to show that only for close group of people;
3) We also plan to make some parody video, yey!

Photographer will be Alexander Bootsman. I hope we will get tonnes of awesome shots! Stay tuned ✨