Information about October's Patron exclusive build
I want to apologize on behalf of our team. We've been busting our butts to get this build out in October. However, with so much restructuring in the engine, and so much work to do, we now realize that we are not able to release the build this month. Don't worry, if you have been a patron up to this point, or after this point in the month of October, we have your Patreon name on a list and we will PM the build to you next month when it comes out (even if you decide to delete your pledge).

I always feel like it's necessary to be on time, and not delay something, and instead just name a release date when you have a solid idea of that release date, but with the schedule of monthly updates, it can be quite a task to overcome when completely restructuring an engine for efficiency and restructuring the GUI for ease of adding objects. It's a huge task, in fact - it's something that shouldn't have only one month of work. So with that notion, I feel that it would be unfair, and scammy, to charge $5 for a broken build, and would rather release the newest build of Legend Maker next month.

With that being said, we have to make up for this confusion, which means that we will be much more open to patrons about this build after this point. remember that any patrons that pledge this month or in November will get this build. Right now, I'm hard at work on the game, and can't wait to show off new screenshots to Patrons! We hope that with our diligence, we can continue to have your support. Thank you for reading, and hopefully being understanding. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below and we will answer them whenever possible.

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