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Dear followers & patrons, maybe some of you do not know that I also paint from time to time... here you see an example of my art that I painted about 5 years ago (mixed techniques on paper). Originally it was planned as a cover-artwork for a Black Metal-band with lyrics based on Mesopotamian mythology. It shows the mythical god-king Enmerkar together with the goddess Innana beneath the tree of life. The reason why I post this: Lately I received another order for a painting, this time it´s gonna be an oil-on-canvas painting with the Norns as motive. Oil paintings take very long, generally. But I´ll keep you informed here during the working process; I will upload some photographs from time to time to let you know how the work progresses, explain my painting techniques and, of course, I will provide you with information on the mythological background and how it will be reflected in that painting. So, if you are interested - become my patron and take a look here, from time to time :-)!
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