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inhuman arc 13 pg 23
and eeeeey finished page. high res is on my site: i've got some flack in the past for kyo's portrayal of a drinking problem. not because i portray it, but because people feel i 'over' portray it. and i just wanna take the time now to say that honestly? if it's the kind of thing that seems overboard to you, constantly seeing someone with a drinking problem getting alcohol offered to them or accessable to them? imagine living it. you can't even use twitter without a bacardi ad being shoved in your face anymore. when people go out to work related functions as adults, it's considered weird or unsociable not to drink. kyo's an attempt at realism. i'm sick of reading comics where the alcoholism is either played as harmless comic relief, or worse, played as something that's resolved within a single issue or arc or movie or whatever. or hey even better, my absolute fav, when other characters fix it for the addict!! cuz that deffo happens in real life!! sorry for the little rant, but...i dunno. it's something that bothers me. and it's been an integral part of kyo's character from the start. and coincidentally been getting him flack and 'least favourite character' status since the start too. but y'know what? i'd rather he be honest. cause it's not easy, or fast, or a 'minor' aspect of a character.