Initial Thoughts on Shadowstar Corsairs
In the week leading up to the Kickstarter Badger, I discuss my initial reactions to tabletop Kickstarter campaigns. Here, my patrons can agree or disagree with my sentiments and if the argument is good enough I will absolutely consider adjusting my gut reaction for the final publication. I only look at games that are listed on BoardGameGeek and earn 16 points on the Kickstarter Badger before my review points are added. Thoughts: Everyone. Stop what you're doing. A miniatures game for $60. Here's the deal. You start as one ship with a crew, then through various 4X actions you earn commendations, all while expanding political influence, upgrading technology, etc. It looks like there would be a lot of player interaction battling over harvest locations and expanding. If you're missing a miniatures 4X space game in your collection I really think Shadowstar Corsairs is an excellent purchase. Project: