InitialD Arcade Stage Launcher/Card Editor 2.15 (TP 1.34b-1.92) Stable

Note: This version does not support latest version of Teknoparrot, jump to the latest Card Editor.

This Launcher will automatically put InitialD 6 AA, InitialD 7 AAX and InitialD 8 ∞ card while starting specific game. With this launcher you no longer required to Run the game from TeknoParrot.


- Card Management System - Let you can have more than 1 card and easily manage it.

- Time Attack Submission & Leaderboard System - Let you compare your Time with your friends.

- Card Editor - Let you Change your Profile Avatar and Change your name and Gender.

- Cheating - Unlocks Level, Game Points, Mileage, Editing Car's Color, Engine, etc.


- Teknoparrot 1.34B - 1.92, might work for higher version(s)

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or above

- Game files

 * InitialD 6 AA  1.2+E

 * InitialD 7 AAX 1.0+C

 * InitialD 8 ∞ 1.2+D


1. Unblock IDASL_X.X.rar/IDASL_X.X (launcher only).rar How to Unblock?

2. Place the Launcher, Thumbs.dll, Thumbs2.dll, PluginContract.dll and the folders to your TeknoParrot folder.

3. Start Launcher with Administrator Rights (if require). 

4. Click on 'Card Selection' then click 'Scan Card'.



- Added support for TP up to 1.92.

- 3 new launcher background image.

- Menu Text Slightly enhanced.


- Added InitialD 4, 4 EXP and 5 support

- New Card Editor Look.

- Car Editor Merged into Card Editor.

- Car Preview.

- Language files are moved to IDAS Sub Folder.

- Plugin files are moved to IDAS Sub Folder.


- minor bugs fixes.


- Added Seat Number editor.

- Improved UI Theme Behavior.

- Added Settings for Plugins.

- Bugs fixes and improvements.


- Removed Video background since it doesn't do any good rather than making launcher lag.

- Removed Card Perfer option, now it reads value directly from Game Settings.

- Added Game Settings in Settings.

- Added TeknoParrot Emulation Settings.

- Bugs fixes and improvements.

Older Changelog can be found within the archive.

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