InitialD Arcade Stage Launcher/Card Editor 2.11 (TP 1.34b-1.54a) Stable
This Launcher will automatically put InitialD 6 AA, InitialD 7 AAX and InitialD 8 ∞ card while starting specific game. With this launcher you no longer required to Run the game from TeknoParrot.


- Card Management System - Let you can have more than 1 card and easily manage it.

- Time Attack Submission & Leaderboard System - Let you compare your Time with your friends.

- Card Editor - Let you Change your Profile Avatar and Change your name and Gender.

- Cheating - Unlocks Level, Game Points, Mileage, Editing Car's Color, Engine, etc.


- Teknoparrot 1.34B - 1.54A, might work for higher version(s)

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or above

- Game files

 * InitialD 6 AA  1.2+E

 * InitialD 7 AAX 1.0+C

 * InitialD 8 ∞ 1.2+D


1. Unblock IDASL_X.X.rar/IDASL_X.X (launcher only).rar How to Unblock?

2. Place the Launcher, Thumbs.dll, Thumbs2.dll, PluginContract.dll and the folders to your TeknoParrot folder.

3. Start Launcher with Administrator Rights (if require). 

4. Click on 'Card Selection' then click 'Scan Card'.

5. If you're using old .bin format cards, select "BIN" in Launcher Setting, Start TeknoParrotUi.exe, Select 'Initial D 6AA' from the dropdown list, Click 'Game Settings' button, un-check `General - EnableNewCardCode`, do the same for Initial D 7AAX. 



- Fixed ID8 Rename Card bug.

- Fixed BGM not loop bug.

- Major Bugs fixes and improvements

- Added InitialD 8 Title Selection.

- Added Names of the Avatar Items.

- Added Extra Launch Program (Runs programs like Trainer and/or UCR when you click Play).

- Added Avatar Read function for BIN card, CRD card only works when you have all avatar parts selected.

- Removed Chinese Server from launcher.


- Fixed Avatar Blank bug.

- Improved Item Preview.

- Added Avatar Parts label. (less confusing)

- Added Cup Preview.

- Added Aura Preview.

- New Launcher Icon.


- Fixed Card Name Editor.

- Fixed Video Background not stop while settings changed.

- Added ExFull All cars option on InitialD 8.

- Added German and Spanish to the launcher.


- Fixed CRD card grayed out on Cheats.

- Merged with Standalone Card Editor.

- Able to only run Card Editor with '-cardeditor' argument.

- Added Korean to the launcher.


- Fixed a bug will cause Language files failed to load.

- Removed cheat requirement.

- New Avatar Preview Feature for InitialD 8.

- Launcher Menu Key can now be control with Arrow keys and Enter.


- Added a feature that can scan cards from your game directory and appdata directory and move to IDX_CARD folder.

- Added a feature that can browse card and add to IDX_CARD folder.

- Added an Errorlog to catch error.

- Fixed a bug which will cause Launcher to crashed at startup.

- Fixed Happogahara in Time Attack shows blank.


- Added New Region selection in Card Editor.

- Fixed Card won't store back in CARD folder if no card selected.


- Fixed an error while changing Avatar on ID8 female.


- Fixed ID8 Missing AE86 Trueno 2Door.

- Fixed Card Reader option Not saving on Settings.

- Added ID8 Cup Option.

- Added support more language.

- Added Animated Background.

- Added Full Screen option to Settings.

- Major bugs fixed and improvements.


- Added support for InitialD 8 ∞.

- Added option to not run picodaemon (Disabled by default) because newer version will run automatically on TP.


- Added an option to disable engine & rollbar modding.

- Temporary Disable bugged female shades option on InitialD 7.


- Added Car Import/Export function.

- Minor Car Editor improvements.


- Fixed fullspec doesn't save properly on crd card format.


- Removed Cabinet Seat Changer since it's no longer required.

- Removed AutoCardMove since isn't working at all.

- Added Card Region.

- Added X Mark cheat for ID7.

- Minor Bugs fixes and improvements.


- Fixed bug cause non English OS error while using card editor.

- Added a filter to filter out non ID6 card in ID7 card folder and non ID7 card in ID6 card folder.


- Fixed bug cause Play Button Error.

- Added Tick Event Support on Plugin.


- Fixed Corrupted ID6 Card Editor.

- Added Plugin Support.

- Added Class Code into Car Editor.


- Added New Aura Selection for ID7.

- Added Gamble Rumble Unlocker for ID7.

- Added Event Sticker Unlocker & Selection for ID6 and ID7.

- Added Number Plate Editor.

- Minor Bugs fixes and improvements.


- Fixed Windows appeared offscreen for those who has small screen resolution.


- Added New Theme for Launcher.

- Added New Car Editor.

- Fixed ID6 Card Shows 86 GT (ZN6) instead of FT-86 G Sports Concept.

- Fixed Date in Leaderboard not properly Translated.

- Fixed Settings Couldn't save if not logged in.


- Fixed a bug which cause the Play option unavailable when no card selected. 

- Fixed Tsuchisaka Snow Time Attack Submit 0"00'00 score.

- Minor Bugs fixes and improvements.


- Removed Login Pop-up as requested.

- Added 5108 Card Error Fix. 


- Added support for .crd format cards.


- Added Default Shades and Accessories for ID7 Male & Female avatar changer.

- Fixed Level Name on ID7 card.

- Unlock level X for ID7 card.

- Added Game Point & Mileage editor for ID6 & ID7.

- Added Pride Point editor for ID6.

- Added Single Pride Point & Tag Pride Point editor for ID7.

- Added Avatar Frame changer. (Only visible while playing Online)


- Minor Bugs fixed and Improvements.


- Added Male and Female avatar changer for ID7.

- Added Hidden Courses from ID6 and ID7 to Leaderboard and Time Attack Form.

- New Design Time Attack Form.


- Added Compatible to TeknoParrot 1.34b.