Inked Comic Page from HOC
I bought a new pen brush today at ARTA. ARTA is a chain art store in Israel. I went into Haifa (pronounced Hay-fuh) today on a sketch day. I needed to recharge my creative juices. 

It's been a while, but I used to regularly take the bus (in this case the metro which is a double long bus) into Haifa and along the way I would draw. This trips were always great because I would have to try to draw quickly things I would see outside.

Another thing is it helps me learn how to steady my hand. The bus bumps around a lot and I've found that quick confident lines between bumps allows me to even draw relaively straight lines. 

My most common subject on the ride is actually the interior of the bus. This helps me work on perspective. 

Once I got to Haifa I found a bench and began to draw objects around me. There's nothing like drawing from life to increase your artistic ability and inspiration. 

I wondered over to ARTA and found that most of the store had a 50% off sale and other items were 20% off. I only bought a few pen brushes but I saved a bunch of money. I only wish I had more money to spend there. 

I came home and deiced to ink a page I printed out from my computer last night. The page was page twenty (what you see above) from the original Law book. I was playing with printing using my 11" X 17" bristol board comic paper. After a few misses I finally got the settings done correctly and printed the page out.

It was fun inking the page even though there's no rhyme or reason to the page. I basically, for some reason, just drew a bunch of heads and figures without employng any storytelling. That probably means I'll end up redrawing this page when I get to it.