Inking and printing
The photo above was taken in the studio before the first inking and printing of the Babalon woodblock. Relief blocks with large areas of white are always a challenge to print. I ink with a decent sized rubber brayer (not huge, but not small) and with large areas of white, it's possible for the brayer to drop into the space, leaving ink where none is desired. To combat this on the Babalon block, I have included an outer border to provide support. It is still possible to dip into the carved areas, so I  chose the directions I roll the brayer carefully, then I usually accidentally mess up at least once anyway and have to clean it up. It doesn't happen as often as it used to, but it still happens. Practice makes nearly perfect?

You can see an example of easy inking with a white space here. The Direction block shown in the video measures 4.5" wide and a bit over 7" tall. The Babalon block is significantly larger at 12" by 12". Size definitely makes a difference when it comes to the difficulty of inking and printing. Smaller blocks are generally easier though yesterday's printing session was a great reminder of how different pieces of the "same" wood are.

I worked with 6 blocks of the same thickness and size, 7.5" x 7.5" which is in what I consider the "easy" range. All were carved in a similar manner, and each still had its own unique character. 3 printed well quite easily, but the other 3 required a little more finessing to ink consistently. All eventually yielded excellent prints, as I hope the other 11 blocks I am scheduled to print this week will!