Inking and tones technique: Cave wall interiors for Dracula Son of the Dragon
Most of a full pages' worth of work recorded and squished down to 7 minutes. Lost a little at the end due to corrupted files. And slowed it down a tad for some of the toning, and give you an over all look at the final work. Made up the strategy for drawing the stone walls on the spot: Applied a simple rule. Vertical ink fethering for the deepest shadows, then horizontal pencil for the sedimentary layers, helping to describe the shape of the surface as well. And finally ink wash, a bit of pelikan white, correction pen and white gel pens to work in the lighting and shadows. Reference is water eroded cave walls. Music at the top is "Last Leaf", written by OK Go. Covered by the lovely A.J.Murphy. Recorded by me, salgood sam, in our apt. The cat is Oscar, our grey cuddle fiend. David Bowie is the handsome white fella with the crazy hair and Heterochromia incidentally. Second song is "Bones of Love" off of 'Dream The Dark Dream' by Sadoceanspacebear. Get it and check out their other tracks here Art is for Dracula Son of the Dragon! Desperately trying to get caught up on all the things always. Revolver Four is nearing completion, I hope to be announcing a publishing date for it soon. Watch the site for details!