Inking Demo Of A Crew Sneaking Out Into Street • Let's Draw #12
Greetings Patrons!

For this Let's Draw I wanted to draw another harbor scene but in a city and with characters I'm playing around with in my comic. This is all exploration and nothing is set in stone. I'm happy with this drawing and starting to realize the benefits of sticking to one big project. As I gain more and more knowledge of this world for my comic and becoming familiar drawing it it will only get better (hopefully). 

Sorry for not posting as much but I had to finish commission work and take scheduled vacation. I'm hoping for things to go back to normal for a few more months until we hit winter holiday season.

-Topics I talk about in the video-

  • What I've been up to
  • Comics update
  • Creating A Focal Point
  • Leading the eye
  • Backgrounds and Perspective

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