Inking Tools and Paper
I've used a lot of fine marker tips over the years, but nothing beats fine contour line work like a Rotring pen. I stock at least one backup tip when inking, they'll constructed with stainless steel and chrome plated but I draw/ink with a heavy hand for line control. I prefer them over Rapidographs--which tend to clog no matter how often you'd clean them. My go to sizes are .18 and .25mm for faces and backgrounds--sometimes a .13mm for small faces in panels. I mostly pencil and ink on Strathmore 500 series 2ply Vellum Bristol 23" x 29" paper hand cut to yield three comic pages. The surface has some tooth for dry brush effects but doesn't tear as easily when using mechanical pencils or pen nibs on it. So how about a sponsor @rotringofficial and @strathmoreart ;) 🎨✨☕️#rotringpen #strathmorepaper #drawing #creatorownedcomics #inkingcomics #penandink