#Inktober 12/12: Believe - sold
edit: thos piece has now sold, thank you. :)



my series of 12 inktober pics is complete! I actually finished this one yesterday but I only now have a chance to post it :) 

In order to ensure Hope and believe had a different enough vibe I chose to focus on self-belief more than general believe. confidence in one's abilities and  being true to yourself/ truly authentic. It wasn't originally my intent that Afalon would star here, but I realised once I started drawing that he was the perfect lion for the job, he's basically the embodiment  of self-belief and optimism after-all!

This original A6 (postcard) watercolour & ink painting is available for £20 + pp (£2 UK, £4 INT)* please comment to claim :)

*unless I'm sending u something already then postage is free :)

Best wishes!