Inktober 2015 Collection Art Book Progress
There. 31 illustrations in one pile. Well, okay, technically 29 illustrations since two of the originals have already found homes.

The interior art for my Inktober 2015 collection art book is all scanned and organized. All that remains is to complete the layout (complete with a seat-of-my-pants crash course in InDesign) and designing the outside and interior covers. 

I wanted to show this picture to you because I was reminded of something my good friend Scott once told me, which I'm going paraphrase for you here:

"It's easy to get lost in the creative process and let negative thoughts swarm you. You'll feel like you're not getting anywhere and nothing matters. But what I do to stay on top and not let myself get dragged down is to, every day, print what you have written and place it next to your work area. It won't seem like much at first but the more you work, it will build and build. Someday you'll feel stuck and unmotivated and then you'll glance down at the stack of papers that has grown up next to you and the feeling of accomplishment will push you further down the road."

Now, Scott was talking about the act of writing but I think it's applicable to any creative endeavor. And, man, it works. Seeing that stack of smudgey papers is really encouraging. 

Hooligans Assemble!