Inktober 2017 Witchy Plants 6-10

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$1 or more per month
  • Access to patron-only content (Things like sketches)
  • Sneak peek photos of new items
  • See most art here before it's posted anywhere else
  • Patron-only polls
$3 or more per month
  • More WIP images
  • New exclusive user icons every month
  • Plus all previous rewards
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  • Monthly patron-only livestream
  • Patron only sales and coupons for my shop
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Mini- Print Collector
$12 or more per month
  • Monthly exclusive mini-print and sticker
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Prototype Tester
$20 or more per month
  • Receive at least one prototype or special item every month (like paint with water art or sticker books)
  • Have the chance to provide feedback on items
  • Plus all previous rewards
Original Art Collector
$30 or more per month
  • Get an original art card every month!
  • Plus all previous rewards
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