Inktober Day 01!
This year I have decided to do inktober - a tradition started by Jake Parker, when you do an ink drawing for every day of October.   I didn't really like the official prompts that were given, so I decided to do a theme: something that would grow my skills in character drawings and force me to branch out with the subject matter.  So I will be making 31 animals playing 31 instruments - to form an animal band!  I used a random generator for both the animals and the instruments, which gives more variety and takes away some of my control over what I draw (good things!).  I also decided to break some other "rules" and move away from ink.  I have done traditional ink drawings in the past, but as I have recently been doing more digital work, I decided that keeping it digital this year made sense.  To keep it simple and also force myself to branch out a little bit, I chose to use a limited color palette for all these pieces (Black, white and 5 colors).