Inktober Day 1!
Did you know that October is also #inktober? It is! It's a thing!

This month I'm gonna participate (just on the weekdays!) by doing an image search for one word each day and finding an image to ink in my own style. 

All patrons ($1+) will be able to see the #inktober drawings, plus a little information about the tools I'm using to ink said drawings, and you can suggest the next word I'll search for tomorrow!

As for you $5+ patrons, I'll run a little lottery at the end of each week for those of you who want to put your name in the hat, and I'll pick someone to send each of the originals to! Details to come. :)

Today's #inktober drawing was inspired by my boyfriend's word suggestion, "lackadaisical." Fortunately for me, this photo was right up at the top and there was no question that it was the one. (Of course, I love the art on Lackadaisy Cats, so my tendency toward cat photos was already skewed more than usual.)

For this one I busted out two Pentel pens that I rarely use. They're listed with the name "Pentel Standard Brush Pen" so I'll just say that the black one has a medium brush tip and the blue one has a "super fine" tip. I haven't had the greatest relationship with these pens. You're supposed to squeeze them to get ink to flow, but I can never seem to get enough ink to make a solid, polished line. 

That said, I intentionally used a rough bristol to take advantage of that dry line and let the drawing have tons of texture. The grey areas are actually the result of the super fine brush, as it was so dry I couldn't get the tip of the brush to let out more than what looked like a light graphite line. Oh well! Easy greys, I can't complain too much. :)

So... what word should I search for tomorrow?