inktober day 5
i missed 3 and 4, ahah... but it's ok! this thought came to me this morning, and i thought i'd scribble this one out in markers (& a little bit of fineliners). unfortunately my phone's camera washes out the colours pretty drastically. :( (i'm getting a new phone one day...)

this is Elshae, otherwise known as Diction's Cradle. It's a seperate dimension from the Dreamscape where the Gods would reside, occasionally pulling mortals as pawns into their games. Now, however, it is only home to an emergent New God, who grows in deep slumber at the center of this mysterious realm. 

I imagined it as a surreal place, where nothing you knew to be real applied the way you thought you knew it. The sky (is it a sky?) is a shifting, lurid colour, and from the sky hangs a formless darkness, held in place by twisting, endless limbs. All in all, it feels... wrong.

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