Inktober - Howard the Duck
Figured I'd start posting more public drawings on here for you folks to enjoy along with the exclusive sketches. So as some of you may have seen on Twitter, I'm currently job hunting. Apparently my reward for working hard and running two whole departments single handedly is having my hours drastically slashed from 32 to 10 a week. Might as well fire me if that's all you're gonna give me. I can't pay rent with that nonsense. Anyways I'm pretty angry. But thankfully the ol' comic shop is willing to help me while I look for a new place of employment. Also if you have any friends you think might enjoy my work, toss them a link to this Patreon page! Show them some art, show them a video, every bit helps. And of course Patreon is the most direct way to help me not get evicted and wind up homeless. Thank you all so much for your support. I'll still be working hard to make stuff for you all to enjoy.