Inktober is here! All hail Inktober!
This is a sample $2 tier post that I've made public to give you an idea of the type of content I'll be posting.

I'm using this Inktober to focus on some characters and ideas for a comic I've been mulling over. I'll also be using the official Inktober prompts, as well as the Winklebeebee prompts. Follow along on my Instagram! 

Here's a few process pics of today's ink drawing! All done with Dr. Martin's Matte Black ink, # 1 Utrecht sablette brush, on smooth bristol. I've been inking on cold press watercolor more often lately, to get a more rough and broken line, but I really enjoyed getting back into the smoothness of bristol!

Also trying out pencilling in blue so I can drop the sketch out of my digital final easier when I'm working on the comic (hopefully!).