Inktober mail package_1!
Let's start our inktober lottery! Here you can see whole bunch of drawings of first part and the successful winners below. My congratulations!

AAAAnd the winners are....

1st one "Annie" goes to Deryan Culbreath;

2nd one "Ashe" goes to Markypin;

3d one "Ahri" goes to Ashley Mason;

4th one "Soraka" goes to Lock Nessy;

5th one "Lulu" goes to Victor B;

6th one "Jinx" goes to Sephiroth Art;

7th one "Fiora" goes to Kuvshinov Ilya;

8th one "Lux" goes to Rebecca Long;

9th one "Riven" goes to Christopher Ristuccia;

Congratulations again!

All winners will also get notification letters with details.

Thank you!