The Inktober PDF is finally here!
Hey Patrons!

Inktober has been over for nearly a month, but lets be real: I didn't finish until halfway through November. Though to be fair I DID end October with 29 days drawn. Then it took me a while longer to get them scanned, edited, and formatted. There's a lot more to making art than putting ink on paper. 

$4+ Patrons will see a post shortly with their PDF attached. Those who aren't, feel free to pick it up on Gumroad (when Gumroad decides to work and let me upload/edit products). 

These Inktober works caught curious eyes, and I picked up a few commissions from a fellow backpacker! I've also been joining as many backpacking Facebook groups as I feel comfortable with, spreading out my reach and showing off my wares to fellow hikers. It just goes to show how important it is that if you are a creator within a niche interest that you have to make sure that niche knows about you and your work. Don't wait for people to come to you!

Next up on my plate is a commission for a LetsPlay Youtuber, and lots and lots of writing. My 24-Hour Comic Day comic hasn't been scanned yet, because there seems to be a shortage of oversized scanners in Redmond. I'm spending a weekend down in Portland in a few weeks and will take advantage of my Alumni status at Portland State and use their library book scanners (for freeeeeee~). 

Hope all of y'all had a lovely Thanksgiving! I spent mine in Portland, getting my ear drums blasted out by Mogwai. It was rad. 



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