Inktober week 3 contact sheet
Hey, I got half of it actually inked. That counts for something, right?

The studies in the top half of the right page are for The Lesson project, which some of you may remember as appearing on the drawing board back in 2014. It's still in development, with three major computer event, two different pieces of software, multiple radical pivots in process, and a list of mundane things since the concept began to look interesting. I want to spend a little more time with these characters, even though I can't yet move them to first priority. In no small part because I'm curious how they'll end up now...

The lower two wireframes... I don't know yet. They're a starting place, which I haven't had time to explore to full ink yet. One or both of them ought to be pushed toward anthro/sff, so I can justify getting them polished before December. Because dangit, I want to have this year's inktober done before year's end, for sure.

...while working and finishing That Damn Novel.

We are so close. SO close.

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