Inktober WIP Day 15: "Mysterious"
While wandering around the back alleys of Boston, I found my way into some random bookstore. I can spend hours at bookstores, but sadly we had walked in just a half hour before closing. Between the dusty old books and the dusty old people, I stumbled across a book about the life of MC Escher, a Dutch artist and enthusiast of crystallography. 

Here's my attempt to do a tessellation piece inspired by Escher's work - the regular division of the plane. First up are some ugly block question marks, before I decided to bound the shape within a 3x3 box.

The idea of overlapping question marks hit me as I was sleepily sketching things through.

After figuring out the individual units, the struggle was whether or not to put the pieces immediately opposed to each other, or to give them a little space to breathe.

I decided that question marks are too awkward to be close to each other, and need a little space. They're introverts you know. They also LOVE math, like a younger me. Until I studied abstract algebra and realized there's a point where math loses function.

Final product, in a mockup frame. Galaxy watercolor scheme tossed in for good measure.