Inmates convening in the compound of Kaweeri prison
 Inmates convening in the compound of Kaweeri prison, Mubende district
Lack of transport facilities to take prisoners to court, overcrowding and old structures that are long overdue for replacement worry officials at Kaweeri prison.
Bukenya John, The Mubende district prisons commander stressed that;” we are lacking transport facilities to take prisoners to court and referrals to Mulago and Murchison bay which becomes a threat to us that at any time prisoners might escape.”
Bukenya added that; lack of transport facilities is currently our biggest challenge at Kaweeri prisons.
We house several inmates that travel to court on a daily basis on foot for quite a long distance yet many of these are high core criminals which creates a risk for these in mates to escape any time.”
“Kaweeri prison being a regional referral is also challenged by the inmates who are brought in from other prisons around Mubende district for treatment which becomes hard to transport them for treatment especially when they are referred to Murchison’s bay and Mulago to acquire the treatment they deserve.” Bukenya added.
Bukenya expressed; “We therefore appeal to government to avail us with a vehicle to be placed here at Kaweeri for better movement of the inmates to court and hospitals so that we reduce on the risk of in mates who might turning against the prisons officers and beat them and also escaping from justice.”
Bukenya stressed out the old structures that are long due over for replacement.
Most of the structures at Kaweeri prison have become too old which has put the lives of the in mates at risk.
Most of the structures were constructed as early as 1937 and since them they have not been renovated.
Some of the cells especially the female section are leaking which makes the environment for the inmates unbearable.
In the same development Bukenya John Mubende district prisons commander expressed that Kaweeri prison is also faced with a problem of over congestion.
“We have nowhere to dispose off these inmates because most of them are remands.
Out of 274 in mates, I have 24 male convicts and 11 female convicts while the rest are remands.” He said. Bukenya added that; “Upon construction this prison was supposed to accommodate 100 in mates only but the number is shooting up each day.
We are currently housing 270 inmates which makes the environment uncomfortable for inmates to an extent of sleeping in shifts.“There is need to set up new structures at Kaweeri prisons so that the section of female inmates can live separately from the male unit in a more conducive environment.” Bukenya stressed.