This is my latest digital art, created to go with my Icon Alchemy Astrology Update post for the February 15th, 2018 Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.  

I've finally bitten the bullet and gotten myself a real camera with which to photograph source material for digital work, and took it to the recent Pacific Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle to restock my "Alteration Fodder" file.

Despite my preoccupation with digital work in the past year, I haven't turned my back on analog art - I'll be posting some Solar Return drawings here soon, both to highlight some of my awesome supporters and give people who haven't yet joined my supporters a better idea of what to expect from the rewards here.  Plus, I've got colourations coming up for pieces that I've previously posted here in black-and-white.

I haven't forgotten my promise to get started on video work, either.  That's been on hold until I could get back up to speed after the cancer battle, since recovery has been a process of catching up on the huge backlog of projects and responsibilities combined with slow re-integration of daily/weekly creation patterns.  

This Solar Eclipse emphasizes communication in relation to our preferred social groups and causes, and since it takes place in my natal chart's 5th house of creative expression, it is especially pertinent to the goal of revitalizing my creative work here.  Eclipses operate on a six-month axis, carrying forward lessons learned from the previous eclipse and applying them to situations raised by the current eclipse.  In this case, the previous solar eclipse was on August 21st, 2017, the same day that I started my chemo and radiation treatments.  2017 for me was a time of moving through the darkness with diminished senses and little beyond faith and my aunt's loving care to guide me.  "Inner Light" is meant to show light beginning to break free and spill back out into the darkness.  Here I am equating darkness with stillness, silence, and negation, and light with action, sound, and and creation.  With this piece I am setting the intention of slowly and steadily increasing that action and sound and creation over this new eclipse season.  Which translates to more art on the way.  ;)

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