Innosence Autuma
Innosence is arguably more central to Phantasmagoria Reverie than Shanto is, and as such she is a key player among events she is involved with.


Name - Innosence Autuma
Age - 19
Sex - Female
Nickname - Inny (Young Sandra)
Birthdate - October 31st
Power Type - Genetic Modification
Combat Preference - Ranged Projectiles
Weapon Skills - Fencing Sword
Signature  Abilities - Energy Creation And Manipulation, Endless Stamina, High  Resistence To Extreme Temperatures, Near-Immunity To Bacteria, Immunity  To Alcohol's Effects
Signature Attacks - Lunar Burst, Royale Wave, Echo Royale
Appearances - Zero-hour: Neo-Genesis, ???, Lucky 7's


Innosence  Autuma is not the type of person those who cross paths with her will  never forget. With a sharp, tactical mind and intimidating air about  her, she leaves quite the lasting impression.

Due to her  journey, those aware of her could equate her as a 'rogue wildcard', as  she will not allow anything to get in her way. In truth, she is a much  more mellow person than her reputation would lead you to believe. She,  however, has a very low tolerance for 'stupid' and will hold grudges for  a long time.

Being altered pre-birth into a human weapon,  Innosence has a body bred for combat, complete with an unique organ that  creates a great deal of energy. Aside from being skilled in  hand-to-hand combat, she has a extremely high aptitude for energy  manipulation and can convert energy into different types, should she  need to.

Her fighting style is based around 'fighting smart', as  she will ensure she understands her options before making a proper  move. Often her hand-to-hand strategy is to take advantage of her foe's  mistake and counter it. As for her energy manipulation, she favors  streams and bursts of energy to attack, due to difficulty forming and  retaining complex shapes with it currently. Strangely enough in  contrast, she is able to create Lunar Energy, an extremely difficult to  create and untainted version of Dark Energy.


Born  as a part of a secret project that even most of those select few  involved didnt fully know the process of, Innosence Autuma spent the  first ten years of her life in a secret facility, being researched and  cared for by Dr William Exile and Dr Himiko Exile. Due to their daughter  Sandra growing fond of Innosence, she began to be treated like one of  the family. As they could no longer support the project, the Exile's  were mudered for resisting, but not before Himiko managed to help Sandra  and Innosence successfully escape.

With no knowledge of the  outside world, both Innosence and Sandra had to rely her strong  intuition to and get by for nearly a year. On a fateful day, their lives  were saved by a forgotten living legend and self proclaimed "Empress of  Humanity": Page Lanavare.

After a powerful and heartfelt plea to  teach her how to protect those she cares deeply about, Lanavare agrees  to take Innosence under her wing in secret, leaving Sandra to fend for  herself in the interim. Innosence believed the gamble to be worth it and  spent the next seven years in a rigorous training ito be a master  combatant and to utilize the seemingly unending energy her body  produces.

When she returned however, the shadow government  organization had managed to get to Sandra Exile and brainwash her to  attack Innosence. As she waged war on the organization, Sandra died in a  struggle against her conditioning as she tried to fight those who  wronged her. Rage-stricken and stumbling upon strange technological  objects seeming built for her, Innosence began to utilize these items in  her revenge, but the initial activation nearly completely wiped Sandra  Exile from her memory. After taking down the organization and stopping  the horrifying 'Project Neo-Genesis', Innosence mysteriously vanished  from the most wanted lists.

Several months later as her attention  shifts to the remaining objects, Innosence Autuma found herself  repeatedly confronted by the rising vigilante Shanto. Due to a  misunderstand and subsequent mutually held grudge, they fought numerous  times over the course of a month.

Currently seeking out  mysterious items designed especially for her, she meets several  individuals and is drawn into a conflict at the request of someone  claiming to be a lifelong friend... 

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