Innov8: Links to other content creators now featured in some endings of Ciara's Haunting stories
I sat with the quandary of how to portray the relationship of the secret laboratory scientist and his formerly caged werewolf patient- I knew their real feelings, but what to show?  Turns out, the flaw in the scientist's love in this scenario is his inability to see Cyrilla as a person, not just a test subject.  He can't see that about his behavior.  NOW what's supposed to happen in the scene's clear as a bell.  

Great!  I've been on hold to write this page nearly a month!

Yay, it leads to two more endings!  

Our patrons are offered a chance for their name to appear sponsoring new options the reader can choose, and when you're new with a pledge to our effort, we paste the link back to the site of your choice.  If we're lucky, it might even tie to the story end in question.  We're serious about promoting other artists through word-of-mouth- or any worthy cause.  So if you want to bring us a dollar online, we want to offer our readers a chance to come check out something online YOU value!  Offer only good through September 25th- hopefully, that' s long enough for someone selling Cialis or Nike not to take unfair advantage to paste a link to SPAM!

There are two pages also leading IN to the first of three I write today.  Those options will be marked as sponsored by Heather and Jan.  I hope you enjoy where they go!

It's about to be a wealthy time for making music, so we'll post updates where we add blocks of new incidental music to play in certain stories.  Getting ready for music again took all the energy, but with that underway?  We have just enough time to get in some new Ciara's Haunting pages before the next thing's here!

That said, we've just been asked to do some children's book illustrations.  We do things like that; I hope C's H becomes a better showcase for new artwork from us, because, if we keep trying, what could happen?

With these next three pages- which have hung over like three weeks now-

one of the three option on page one will now lead to all-complete endings- 

with one special exception!