Innovation/Innocence Gene Key 3 ~ Child of Universe ~ Embody Your Essence
3rd Day of Embody Your Essence Patreon project of DailyDances with Gene Keys themes in response to the inquiry: 

"How is pure LOVE blossoming now?"

"One thing is certain: consciousness will never grow up. It will keep on exploring, playing, and experimenting forever. "  ~Richard Rudd Gene Key 3 Through the Eyes of a Child. 

This Gene Key invites us to say YES to the innovation and innocence of birthing all creation. We open to it even when it seems odd, mysterious, chaotic or not going the way we intended...We are a flower blossoming and passing in each moment of this dance of presence and experience.

The images of paintings are from an artist freind who joined this contemplation project today by responding to my PrayerBody dance with paintings. 

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