*insert jaw drop here*
HOLY. SHIT. A $20 patron?? Are you kidding me??

DREAMS DO COME TRUE. (no, I'm serious, I actually had a dream last night in which I checked my Patreon account and discovered I had $6.2K worth of patrons that I hadn't realized. Ok, so the amount isn't the same, but I'm just as excited!)

That means I need to get my shit together and start digging into my notebooks to find something fun to post. Oooooohohohohoooo - so many possibilities! I also need to do a few other things - which to be honest, I didn't think I'd end up doing at the rate things were going. GOES TO SHOW WHAT I KNOW! :D

Also, while I'm here, I think I might add that the soundtrack for Ori and the Blind Forest is working nicely for this book, so if you'd like to have some background music as you read, there you go.