Inside Out Review
I am almost always excited for a new Disney Pixar film, and am rarely let down (cough Brave cough). After seeing ‎Inside Out‬, I can say with 100% certainty, and not saying this lightly, this is the Best. Pixar Movie. Ever. While not as immediately quotable or hilarious, the ability to make possibly the most complex idea not only accessible, but downright fun, is incredible. Anyone, from any stage of life, single or married, will find quotable and relate-able moments from Riley and her parents, and Riley's emotions. (Minor spoiler alert!) I hesitate to admit publicly, but it must be said: myself, and probably 85% of the audience, was in absolute uncontrollable tears towards the conclusion of the movie. That's how attached you become to Riley and her emotions. (End alert) The pacing is great, the surprise, multilevel humor is spot-on, and I can only hope the sequel is done with the same care and dedication that made this film such an innovative ride. Certainly deserving of a ‪Best Picture Oscar‬, and even in a year with ‪Age of Ultron‬ and ‎The Force Awakens‬, it's not a stretch to say it could actually win.