Inside OuT - Erimi Profile - Finished
There, one more character profile page finished. Many more to go...

So far I've finished Ayumi , Akira , Setsuko , Chitose , Suzume  and now Erimi. 

I have three others sketched, Onchi , Arisa  and Hisa

So 11 more I want to finish, Hitomi, Yui, Melody, Mimiko, Rina, Nene, Nanase, Namiko, Tsukiyama, Machi and Ruiko. 

Which do people want me to do next? I'll probably be working on those three I already have sketched first and then the others. If you don't recall who all these characters are then check the Character Profile page.  Everyone should be there... well aside from Chitose, who is the newest of the bunch... and already finished. 

I think that is all for now. I need some rest. Sorry I haven't got another page of Inside OuT finished, still sorting out the rescripting.