Inside OuT Vol 3 Page 132 - Finished
There, finished two pages this week. Finally finished all the sign language pages... will for now. The next bit I plan to be switching to other characters and when I get back to this group Akira should have her phone again so I won't have to worry too much about drawing sign language for a bit at least. It has been a rough bunch of pages, probably the hardest since I hate drawing hands and found myself drawing double and even triple in a single panel for each character. it has been rather crazy, but hopefully people will enjoy it. 

Well, It is only Thursday so i'll begin work on another tomorrow. Need to rework the script a bit, but already started work on that. I'll hopefully be able to at least get the sketching done before my usual break. 

Right now I need to get ready in a bit to go to this gallery showing in a couple of hours. Not looking forward to it. 

Well hope some of you enjoy this. 

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