Inside (Spoilers!)
So originally this month was going to be a Dishonored 2 video, and that kind of fell through because I accidentally ballooned the script out into a giant thing that's gonna take a lot more time.  So the good news is we've probably got a bit Looking Glass/0451 retrospective coming our way at some point in the next month or two!

The bad news is I didn't realize that I wasn't gonna be able to make something that huge until about halfway through January, which is why this episode is so late.  That said, I actually have a fair bit to say about Inside - and a fair bit a missed, if the comments are any indication.  So it's a nice game for some interesting debate and analysis.

Anyways, I hope to be back on a more frequent schedule now that I know this Looking Glass/0451/Dishonored thing is gonna take some time, so look forwward to more stuff soon!