An Insipid First Railroad Photography Session of 2018
These are far from my best pictures.  I am sorry.  If you want to see many of my best images, look on the blog itself; oh, wait, the site is still down, because it is infected with something and because I can't afford to fix it (because I still don't have nearly enough patrons here yet.)  Until then, if you want to see some of my best images, watch those narrated slide shows on the home page of this Patreon account.

Anyway, these pictures, taken today, are my first of 2018, and they almost aren't worth posting here, but here they are!  This is what happens when you shoot only what you happen to see on the occasional time that you remember to bring your camera with you on errands anymore.

We start on the CSX just west of Gentilly Yard next to the I-10 Highrise bridge by Almonaster Avenue.

Let's do a lesson in perspective, shall we?  Note the angle of view in relation to the train in the above picture, and not the different angle of view in the below picture, once I have moved across the westbound lanes of Almonaster Boulevard into the neutral ground.

This is the first time that I do this shot from this location, even though I have shot from the other side - the closer side - several times before.

What do you think of the difference?

Please note that, in both cases, I am standing on top of my truck; imagine how this shot would look different, with those trucks blocking the view of the train, had I been standing on ground level.

I should do a tutorial explaining why I stand on top of the truck for some images, shouldn't I?

The yard job continues to shove back to the yard.

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I checked NOPB's France Yard, but there wasn't a damned thing happening there; so, I continued south and swung by NS Oliver Yard, and I did something that I haven't done in ages.

Yeah, I climbed the North Galvez Street overpass for maybe the third time in my life; it ain't the safest part of town, and, the first time that I did it, some NS employee came out there and warned me against it, citing the safety issue, though I always wonder whether it is just a matter of an employee trying to dissuade someone from photographing his or his coworkers' work.

Anyway, that's the yard tower and the yard office for the Norfolk Southern Railway's presence in Louisiana.

Here's a view of the yard, which shows the car shed in the left background and the intermodal yard in the right background, and off in the distance can be seen the same Highrise bridge that you saw in the first three images.

At right, you can get a glimpse of the real reason that I decided to scale the bridge today: the presence of an increasingly rare "Grinstein Green" locomotive in a part of the country in which they always were rare.

That "Possum" paint scheme was used only for that set of Burlington Northern Railroad SD70MAC locomotives in the early 1990s (plus the E-units for the BN's business train), right before the BN-ATSF merger, and, until recently, right as they're losing that unique paint scheme, they were used almost exclusively on BN's coal trains, meaning that sightings of such locomotives in southeastern Louisiana have always been rare; the number of times that I have seen one of these things in southeastern Louisiana is probably still in the single digits.

Here is a view of the power set with the locomotive in question, now PRLX 9555.

That's interesting, but the lighting would have been much better an hour later.

I'm not sure, but I think that most or all of the containers on the well cars in the background are loaded and-or offloaded at Front Royal, Virginia, (where NS has an intermodal facility for the western Washington, DC, area), but maybe some are for Atlanta, too.

On my way down back to the truck, I popped this image.

Reading is indeed a good idea, girl.

I don't really have anything else to say.  That's not true, not at all, but I am tired and want to get this posted.  I apologize for the combination of uninspiring photographs and uninspiring accompanying narrative; I'll do better, and you know that I can do better.

Thanks, and good night.