Inspiration for Monday!
There are so many obstacles in trying to reach a goal. Sometimes external, sometimes internal. One thing that I have found helps me is an attitude of "How to" opposed to "Whats wrong"

When I was in younger I had a chance to work in a recording studio as a manager. I loved that job hanging out in the studio for 2-3 days straight and making sure everything went smoothly and being around the creative process of recording musicians. 

Things often went wrong with wiring, cables, computer software . . . . you get it, but I found that focusing on "How To" work around the problem first let the artists get right back to recording - I could solve the "Whats wrong" later.

Bypassing obstacles is very much in my Taoist nature. 

"When a river hits a rock, it doesn't get out a jack hammer, it flows around and continues on." - you can quote me on that!