Inspired & invigorated!
I've just returned from the most wonderful genealogy/technology conference in the world, RootsTech 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and despite being completely exhausted, I am at the same time absolutely inspired and invigorated to put a big push forward with  

Over the past year, we've become more well known, and at RootsTech I heard so many great comments about how people have come to rely on our calendar of genealogy events.

My dedication is renewed, and I plan to continue improving the website for usability and visual appeal.  When we first took ConferenceKeeper on in January 2016, our vision encompassed the whole world, but we soon realized that just curating the events of one continent takes an incredible amount of time and dedication.  As we continually improve our processes, it is nearing time to start including the genealogy and family history events of other countries.

I'm always open to any suggestions to making this an excellent and useful resource for the genealogy community.