Inspired by documentary called India's daughter

It's a perconal piece. Graphite on paper


disturbed after watching film-documentary “India’s Daughter” that

attempts to tell the story of the brutal rape and murder in 2012 of a

twenty-three-year-old female medical student in Delhi. After watching

and reading the facts I think somet

hing in me broke down…I’m bad in words, so everything I want to tell is through my art.


dedicate this artwork not only to the girl who’s lost her life in Delhi

but to all females all around the world who suffered of rape or


Don’t keep silence! MAKE A CHANGE!

PS: The character is NOT the actual victim, it's just a character that I used for this drawing.


this lovely portrait of a wonderful photographer, that I still don't

know the name I used as an inpiration for this work, not in comercial

use, but only as a model. whoever who knows the author, please do tell 

reference photo