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Inspired to finish IFR
Flying with these guys is helping kick my butt to get back at it. 

I have to admit I've felt a little defeated at times over the past couple years intermittently IFR training where I often felt I was not making progress due to the gaps between lessons.  The struggle is real to try to focus on one thing at a time - But it has ben a fun ride fitting in all sorts of other aviation adventures to become a better aviator in some less tangible / quantifiable ways. That said, Osama is going to help me crack down and study to get that instrument written test done. 

Please enjoy this one; more IFR in lots of different types of aircraft is coming (and so is some more "not IFR" fun flying :) 

Happy almost weekend, and thanks for the support creating the productions, 


EDIT: I am actually packing up to fly this thing TOMORROW with Osama! 

It will be a longer flight, so I hope to get supporter exclusive Phenom 300 content out of it - watch for that coming soon!