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Inspiring Liverpool 27th January 2016
If you never made it along to Ignite on Wednesday evening then you missed out on a great evening - it wasn't just the talks that were great but the Pitches and the Networking.

Here is a line up of the talks - 

Speaker: Louise Shannon – Talk Title “The trials and tribulation of getting a gun into the UK”
Louise talks us through the problems of getting the first 3D printed gun into the UK to become part of the collection at the V&A.

Speaker: Chris Brown  – Talk Title “I hate Chris Brown.”

You know that Chris Brown? I hate him. ”

Speaker: Kevin Harrington  – Talk Title “Get it 80% right: why the pursuit of perfection is unaffordable.”

This is an original, 5′ talk less than 20 slides that challenges the audience to get it nearly right and move forward. Perfection is impossible and the ambition unrealistic. Thoughts and examples in a pacy 5 minutes.”

Speaker: Jackie Le Fevre – Talk Title “Aspects of Love – for 27th January”

As Valentines Day approaches many minds turn to thoughts of romance and connection. How much do we know about ‘love’ per se and what science is there – if any – to the things we notice and how much we love them? Jackie will set out to provide as many answers as can be fitted into 5 minutes and 20 slides.

Speaker: Tom Williamson – Talk Title: “How did the First World War start?”

Tom reassures us there will be flags.

Speaker: Francis Fish – Talk Title:”No projects”
Projects “create temporary organisation to meet a need” Temporary means that nothing is ever finished and everything is late …”

Speaker: Neil Simpson  – Talk Title: “You Only Have One Job as A Professional Creative – And this is it”
As a professional creative your job is one thing only – create an instant emotional response, to move people, to create love. In your work, in your management, in your entrepreneuriality

If you forget this, then, you are doing it the hard way :)


Speaker: Mark Feltham Talk Title: Weird Sex – the second coming

And you can find a rough edit of the Live Stream on the Ignite site.