Install Kali Linux Rolling 2016 and Open-VM-Tools in VMware Workstation
This step by step Kali Linux video tutorial shows you how to install Kali Linux Rolling 2016 in VMware Workstation  or VMware Player  which is free to personal use. We will also learn how to install Open-VM-Tools  ( Open VMware Tools) for Kali Linux for better performance and usability.

Kali Linux 2016 Rolling Edition

Kali  switched to a rolling release model. Rolling-release is a Linux distribution that is constantly being updated with the latest patches and features. Kali rolling release feeds continuously from Debian testing, ensuring a constant flow of the latest package versions. The first Kali Linux Rolling release also brings a Kali Linux Package Tracker tool and changes the way VMware guest tools are installed.

Kali Linux Website:

Kali Linux Rolling 2016 New Features

Kali Linux Rolling promises newest apps:

While some might argue over the instability and bugs a Rolling release brings, we can’t deny the fact the it also brings the newest and best software.

New Kali Linux Package Tracker:

 Offensive Security also brings the new Kali Linux Package Tracker that will allow you to follow the evolution of Kali with the help of a powerful web-based interface.

VMware guest tools installation:

 The Kali Linux Rolling release marks a change in the way how VMware guest tools are installed. The release takes care of the VMware recommendation that suggests using distribution-specific open-vm-tools instead of the VMware Tools package for guest machines.

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