Install SDKMAN JAVA, Gradle, Groovy, Scala

Step by step installation procedure of SDKMAN

First open a new terminal and enter:

$ curl -s | bash

Then follow the instructions on-screen to complete installation.

Open a new terminal or type the command:

$ source "$HOME/.sdkman/bin/"

Lastly, run the following command to ensure that installation is succeeded or not:

$ sdk version

If installation is successfully done, then version should be displayed like below:

  sdkman 5.0.0+51

Install Java using sdkman: 

$  sdk install java

Install Gradle:

$  sdk install gradle 4.4.1

Install Scala:

 $  sdk install scala 2.12.1

Install Groovy:

 $ sdk install groovy

5 Commands bible:

 $  sdk install gradle 4.4.1 

 $  sdk install gradle 3.0 

 $  sdk use gradle 4.4.1 

 $  sdk default gradle 4.4.1 

 $  sdk uninstall gradle 4.4.1